VOREIA Stout Beer


Alc. 6% Vol. | 0,33 L

A highly roasted chocolate ale, unfiltered and unpasteurized, made with special malts that bring out caramel and chocolate flavors. The class history and its distinctive taste acquire a new dimension with the addition of unique raw materials, six different malts from barley and pure Greek barley.

  • Color: Black color with brown, creamy and velvet foam.
  • Aromas: Roasted aromas pour out intensely and hints of chocolate, coffee and caramel are combined harmoniously, adding a special flavor.
  • Taste: The taste is full, creamy and sweet taste at first and a slight acidity is distinguished as chocolate, coffee and caramel emerge, leaving then a strong aftertaste with a quite bitterness of black chocolate.
  • Alcohol: The alcohol content is 6 volumes, although the fermentation starts with 18 Plato and thus it gives our beer a full thickness and density.

Taste combinations

Ideally combined with veal and pork, barbeque sauce, truffle, cheddar cheese and blue cheese, shellfish and mollusks. Moreover, it can be accompanied by desserts, such as chocolate cake, chocolate soufflé or vanilla ice cream.