VOREIA India Pale Ale


Alc. 7% Vol. | 0,33 L

Energy, flavors, aftertaste… A beer with generous additions of American hop and three kinds of malts, which give intense aromas of citrus and conifers, amber color and long-lasting aftertaste. Simply impressive!

  • Color: Striking, amber color, beige/off white foam, quite thick at first and gradually diminishing.
  • Aromas: As far as aromas are concerned, the American hop is the key flavor component and you can sense the herbal aromas immediately after pouring the beer into the glass, while a sense of grapefruit is distinguished as the beer warms up.
  • Taste: Rather bittersweet taste with the caramel from the malt tangling into a balanced game with the hop and creating a beautiful, harmonic result. Furthermore, the increasing temperature of the beer leaves a more velvet taste in the mouth. Moderate density that becomes proportionately thicker and silky as the temperature rises. The carbonation is moderate to gentle, as it is common for beers of this category.
  • Alcohol: The concentration of alcohol is worth mentioning, despite the high volume (7%) and it is well “hidden” behind the aromas of malt, regardless of the beer temperature.

Taste combinations

Ideally combined with various meats, such as veal or lamb, spicy foods with curry or chilly and intense cheese, such blue cheese. But, if you are a sweets-fan, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a carrot or a caramel cake or even a delicious crème brullé along with an IPA.