Imperial Porter






Alc. 9% Vol. | 0,33 L & 0,75 L

The new, black, delightful creation of Siris Microbrewery belongs to the Imperial Porter style and is designed for the special winter moments…Ceylon cinnamon, Madagascar Vanilla, Cardamom, Tonka, all flavored in 7 years old aged rum, offer a unique taste and exceptional flavors while Ethiopian fresh coffee, with fruit, flower and coffee essence, integrate the sophisticated taste.

Rye malt and roasted malts boost the body of the beer, leaving a rich, tasty and flavorful aftertaste all over the mouth.

  • Alcohol: The alcohol content is 9 volumes.


Voreia Imperial Porter is ideally combined with pork and veal, grilled meats, barbeque sauce, chili savors, rich cheeses, ostraca and shellfish. Moreover, it is also perfect with chocolate cakes, vanilla ice cream, fruit desserts or you can enjoy it alone as a drink.

Imperial Porter beer is available in two packs (330 and 750 ml).