Freedom, Creativity, Imagination, Innovation. These are the characteristics of Happy Brewers, the new Beer Brewery of Serres, which encourages brewers to still boil on their day off … whatever smokes them! Discover unique recipes and enjoy a little bit of their balls!








A lager beer specially designed for relaxed moments of lovers of IPA … The lager’s pure, balanced and steady flavor is enriched with a perfume burst resulting from brave doses of hops, exceeding in a quantity of 5 times a standard lager recipe. The Huell Melon hops originally offer melon flavors, while Vic secret, which is also used in Dry Hop, adds extra vivid aromas of pineapple, pine and passion fruit. Enjoy the cool at 4 degrees!









Juicy fruit flavors star in this virtually balanced East Cost IPA that adapts her body to the hops. Designed doses of combinations of sugars create an ideal base to support the rich fragrances that are gradually added to and flood the palate. Mosaic, Centennial and El Dorado hops initially provide fruity aromatic notes of peach, mango and berries, while dry hop then completes the complex sensation with additional Azacca and Citra flavors. The pleasant bitterness in the aftertaste confirms the amazing flavor balance, revealing the 60 bitter units (IBUs) gently incorporated into an IPA with 5.2 alcohol. Specially designed to inspire your special moments! ..