Greek Summer




Alc. 4.5% Vol. 0.33 L

Greek summer in a bottle! A blond, shiny, fragrant beer, cool and easy. The distinctive presence of American hops, which conveys coniferous and tropical aromas, its relatively low alcoholic strength (4.5%) and its delicate body make up a refreshing, refreshing beer with velvety foam for all hours of the day.

  • Color: Color shiny gold, clear, with white foam.
  • Perfumes: Exquisite fragrances of exotic fruits and citrus flood the senses from the first sip.
  • Flavor: Dry hops made during maturation make the flavors of hops taste the flavor of the hops, which gives them an enjoyable aftertaste despite the light beer body.
  • Alcohol: The alcohol content is 4.5%.



Tasty combinations

It blends perfectly with grilled meats, fried, burgers and mild and medium cheeses. 
It also accompanies ideally desserts, such as apple pie and muffins, and is drinkable at 4 ° C.